Saturday, July 18, 2009

The ToonSeum will be presenting Tom Richmond: the MAD Art of Caricature, from August 1 through October 4.

Tom Richmond is one of the most recognized and respected caricaturist in the world. A member of MAD Magazine’s Usual Gang of Idiots since 2000, His sharp pen has produced dead-on caricatures of pop culture icons, political figures, movie stars and even the president’s dog.

Tom’s style and technique carry on in the great tradition of MAD Magazine legends such as Mort Drucker and Jack Davis.

Tom’s work appears in publications, films, and comics worldwide. His company also provides caricature artists for some of the nations top theme parks. He recently completed a new book about President Obama’s dog due for release this fall.

The “MAD Art of Caricature” also gives a behind-the-pen-and-brush look at Richmond’s parodies of movies, including “Harry Plodder,” “Spider-Sham,” “Battyman Begins,” “30 Crock,” “Obama’s Inauguration” and many more.

“The ToonSeum is proud to take MAD out of the teacher’s trash can and put it on museum walls where it belongs,” says ToonSeum Executive Director Joe Wos. “Tom is truly a master of mockery, and we are delighted to present his work at the ToonSeum.”

Richmond will drop by the ToonSeum Aug. 1 and 2 for book signings, a demonstration and a special Master Caricature Class. More information is available at

The exhibit runs from Aug. 1 through Oct. 4 at the ToonSeum, which is located inside the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh on the city’s historic North Side.

What: “Tom Richmond: The MAD Art of Caricature”
When: Aug. 1-Oct. 4
Where: ToonSeum at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh on the city’s historic North Side, 10 Children’s Way, Allegheny Square.
Cost: ToonSeum admission is included with paid admission to the Children’s Museum, which is $10 for children 2-18 and seniors; $11 for adults

Details: 412-325-1060 or

Friday, July 3, 2009

Lora Innes' The Dreamer

“I usually describe it as Gilmore Girls meets Pirates of the Caribbean... It’s half high school dramedy (with) fast-talking interaction. The other half of it is adventure in a historical time period.”

“When I figured out I wanted to do a dreamer/time-travel piece, I started looking into the Revolutionary War... I fell in love with the crazy guys who started the war. They were so idealistic, and actually believed that their ideas were right and had the power to change the world.”

Lora Innes