Monday, November 14, 2011

Nix Comics Quarterly #4 on Kickstarter

Nix Comics Quarterly, the rock music inspired horror comic created by Ken Eppstein, is getting ready for its fourth issue to go to press, and we all have a chance to help this effort by contributing to Ken's Kickstarter campaign.

Nix Comics Quarterly is well worth supporting, not only because the stories, mostly written by Ken, are great fun to read but because Ken pays the artists who illustrate his stories.

Issue 4 features cover art by Michael Neno as well as a story illustrated by Matt Wyatt. Michael Neno's work has appeared in the first three issues, and Matt Wyatt and Max Ink contributed to Issue 3.

If you haven't yet explored any of the Nix Comics Quarterly issues, for a mere $20 you can get all four issues and support a fantastic venue for independent comic creators. If you can contribute more, you can get ad space or even original art work from the issue.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Coffee + Comic Book Art = Awesome

Attention Comic book fans! Boys and girls!  Ladies and gents!  Now presenting... an adventure in geekdom at Kafe KerouacCheck out what the local comic book talent has to offer at the Kafe Kerouac's Comic Book Fans and Artists Night Out on Friday, November 11 from 8p-11p. There will be plenty of comic book art & goodies to be had.

So you think you know all there is to know about comics? From Alan Moore to Warren Ellis? From Archie to Xenia? Prove it! There's going to be a trivia game where you can get to use that nerdy knowledge to win prizes provided by the ever popular comic book store on High Street: Laughing Ogre.  There's also going to be a "comics caption" game. Show off that rapier wit in head to head competition! 

Also! A huge community poster jam will be going on so that anyone can add in their own little drawings and jam with the indie artists who are at the show.

So, come out, have a cup of coffee or some brewskies (or wine!) and mingle with local creators and see their artwork featured on the walls and on the shelves.

Local Comic Book Writers Roundtable

On October 5, local comics writers Ken Eppstein,  Dara Naraghi and Max Ink were interviewed by Doug Dangler for the WRITERS TALK program.  The interview is available in audio as well as video.  It will also be broadcast this week:  Monday, November 7, 7 pm., on WCRS radio (98.3 & 102.1 FM) and Wednesday, November 9, 8:00 p.m., on WCBE radio (central Ohio's NPR station, 90.5 FM)