About Us


a group of artists and writers... who meet in the great city of Columbus, Ohio (find out where & when here). The Sunday Comix group exists in order to provide opportunities for creative individuals of all formats and genres of sequential art (comic books, strips, graphic novels, manga, cartoons, etc.) to share their works-in-progress and receive constructive critiques from other creators in order to develop their personal styles as well as encouraging a sense of community.

a website with loads of information... by and about the group, as well as a general source of information about all sorts of comics related info/events happening in Columbus, Ohio and beyond. If you’re curious about new and noteworthy graphic novels, upcoming comic book movies, comic art gallery exhibits, author appearances & signings, or regional comic book shows (S.P.A.C.E., Gem City Comic Con, Mid-Ohio-Con and more) this site is the place to go!

a whole lot of fun...and open to all (artists, writers and readers alike)!

Sunday Comix is Columbus organization that seeks to encourage dialog about comics and the sequential art form. We engage with the community by sponsoring and promoting comic art gallery shows and public creative events as well as creating workshops for the artists, writers and readers of this unique literary medium.

~Max Ink