Thursday, February 28, 2008

Day Prize Winner Announced

Cripes-- how could I've let this one slip?


It's MR. BIG by Matt and Carol Dembicki of Little Foot Comics in Fairfax, Virginia.

Those interested in checking out MR BIG can do so at

You can order it online or buy one when you see Matt this weekend at SPACE!
Over at James Kolchalka's American Elf Supersite, he posted this drawing his four-year-old son Eli did of Jeff Smith's Fone Bone.

James shares a cute behind-the-scenes story starring Mr. Smith and Bone colorist Steve Hamaker (who will be at SPACE this weekend):

The other night I was reading the second volume of Jeff Smith’s BONE series as a bedtime story to my son Eli (age 4). Eli decided that he wanted to do a drawing of Bone and send it to Jeff. It was pretty late at this point, maybe 9:00 at night so he was deliriously sleepy, and he was trying really hard to copy one of the drawings from the book exactly. He worked really hard on it and kept messing up until he was practically in tears. Finally, he did a version which he decided was successful.

So I emailed the drawing to Jeff and also to Steve Hamaker who colors the Bone series for Jeff. Steve very graciously colored Eli’s Bone drawing in his signature style and emailed it back. It’s pretty incredible to see Eli’s little drawing with colors beautifully rendered by a true professional.

Steve has got to be the nicest colorist in comics. What a champ to do this for my little boy!

Also, Jeff Smith was interviewed by New York Magazine, talking about Bone, RASL and Drew Barrymore.

Another Ohio Comics Creator's Group is Born

I received this letter from Thacher Cleveland (who lives in Yellow Springs, which is near Dayton...);
Here are pictures from our second meeting of the Dayton Area Comic Creators Group (we're thinking of getting a snappier name at some point). We had a better turnout this time around, although all who were at first meeting were either sick, lost in Columbus or plumb forgot. They did email us after the fact regretting their absences, so they haven't just written us off. We had eight people, one of whom was Wakka Ciccone, who has self-published three issues of her comic Sihm and attended SPACE a couple of times. It was a fun meeting, and we're looking to get more of a web presence established so we can all keep in touch with each other better.
Thacher E Cleveland
Super-Fly Comics & Games
Bravo to you and everyone! Looking forward to seeing some of those pictured above at SPACE
in just two days!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Who Is Harvey Pekar?

Walrus Comix posted a lengthy interview with the celebrated (and legendary) Ohio comics writer, Harvey Pekar. I love the fact that the Walrus Comix main page (currently) plays a sample of Harvey's voice from the phone interview.

As an added bonus, here's a (much sorter) You Tube video interview:

The Secret Is Revealed!

As per ICv2 News:

Dave Sim's "Secret Project" has been revealed -- it is a searing, photo-realistic examination of the Holocaust. Available in May, the 56-page, perfect bound Judenhass (literally "hatred of Jews") was begun in 2005 in response to the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and it will be published this spring during the 60th anniversary of the founding of Israel. Sim plans to keep the volume in print and hopes that retailers will support it as a perennial title.

Sim's visual meditation on the Holocaust has had a profound effect on the industry figures who have seen the entire work. Neil Gaiman's comment was typical: "Judenhass is an astonishing piece of work. Painful and real and unflinching. I don't remember the last comic I read that made me cry, but this did," while Marv Wolfman added: "Judenhass is endlessly disturbing, often unpleasant and incessantly horrifying in its stark coldness. The quotes should never be forgotten or made light of. It is why all people of good will say, 'Never again.'"

Because of the nature of the subject matter, Sim will not advertise or promote this project in the way in which he is marketing his more conventional work such as his new Glamourpuss series. Sim is a longtime supporter of the direct market and the Judenhass Website indicates that the book will "be available exclusively in comic stores."
There are some sample pages available for preview on the Judenhass website, but anyone who comes to SPACE this weekend can see 30 original art pieces from the book on display up close and personal.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jeff Smith Interview X2

Today's Indie Spinner Rack Podcast (Episode #110) features the first of a two-part interview with Jeff Smith, "discussing the years prior to his mega-selling series, Bone and the upcoming Rasl, his adventures in indie comics publishing, and much, much more!"

Indie Spinner Rack hosts Charlito and Mr. Phil approach small and independent comics each week with a humor and a knowledge that welcomes both the established indie reader and those who might be new to the creators discussed.

Also, Jeff was recently interviewed by the Wall Street Journal.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Making of Glamourpuss Video

Only 5 Days until you can see Dave Sim at SPACE...

...but you can see him in action NOW, tracing, drawing, inking and talking about Al Williamson at! (Link courtesy of the Cerebus Yahoo Group.)

...or just check it out below.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Countdown 10...9...8...7...

...Six days until SPACE blasts off! Tom Williams has posted some easy-to-download-and-print SPACE fliers for anyone to help spread the good word:
-download a two-up flyer
-download the full sheet

For full instructions, check out Tom's Open Crash Comics site.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Pekar Says...

A few quotes taken from an article about American Splendor writer and Cleveland native Harvey Pekar's recent visit to Mount Union College in Ashville, Ohio.

"Ordinary life is pretty complex stuff."

"A man without a toilet, he's lost."

"If you want to make it as an artist, get a day job."

"Why would somebody make a movie about a guy who sold very few comic books and lost money at it?"

"Comics are as good an art form as any other... You can use any word in the dictionary ... you've got the same choices as Shakespeare."

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Talkin' Small Press with Bob Corby & Co.

The recording of last night's "Open Mike, Insert Foot" is online and available at TalkShoe for download or listen online via stream. Hear Bob Corby, Tom Williams, Tony Goins and Max Ink answer Mike Leuszler's questions and explain just why Columbus is such a great town for comics.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ground Control to Major Tom (...and Field Marshal Bob and Private Max...)

Space-Man Painter Extraordinaire and PANEL member Tom Williams, Space-Man Supreme Organizer Bob Corby and Spaced-Out Sunday Comixer and cartoonist Max Ink will be interviewed by Mike Leuszler for his podcast show “Open Mike, Insert Foot” on Wednesday at 9:25 PM. You can join the conversation by going to the TalkShoe website and follow the instructions there or if you can't join us, you can download the show later on and listen in.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Can You Hear An Echo in Space?

In honor of promoting the "Trifecta of Self-Publishing 2008," I am posting the following announcement:

Terry Moore's ECHO #1 will debut on March 5th (with a silver foil cover!). The books will hit the shelves in comic shops all around the country three days after S.P.A.C.E. wraps up (where you can meet Dave Sim) and a little over two months before Terry comes to Columbus (on May 15) to help celebrate Jeff Smith's BONE exhibit at the Wex Center.

“Echo” is the story of a young photographer named Julie Martin. “Julie becomes the unwilling host to a symbiotic nuclear weapon," so says Terry in a recent interview with Comic Book Resource's Emmett Furey. Echo is quite a different story from SiP, but so it is with the rest of the ToSP 2008.

What is the Trifecta of Self-Publishing 2008, anyway? Terry Moore, Jeff Smith and Dave Sim are three of the "deities" of the 1990s self-publishing boom. They have all finished up their respective award winning, critically acclaimed ongoing comic book series (Strangers In Paradise, Bone and Cerebus). By coincidence, this year they are all returning to self-publishing with new comic book series: Echo, RASL, and Glamourpuss. If that ain't a trifecta, I don't know what is.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Random Winks

In less than two weeks, there will be lots and lots of geeky guy cartoonists descending on Columbus (Yikes! What a messy mental image that is!) with hundreds of kick-ass cool comics to sell you; but here are a couple of local gals' books you need to check out when you stop by the Sunday Comix table on March 1 & 2.

The first is "Random Goodness" by Andrea McEnaney (creator of The Adventures of Chad Cleanly), featuring some of her best single panel gag comics. This great book of semi-absurdist humor can be yours for a measly $2.

The other book you need to keep your eye on is "Wink! Wink!" a short story by Symphony of the Universe artist & writer M.A.D. It's a very different sort of story from her usual fare, but amusing and well worth you time and attention. "Wink! Wink!" is part of the newest PANEL anthology.

Krazy Kel and his Amazing Kat

Have you ever been so bored on a Sunday afternoon that you thought you'd go crazy?

Well, this man is already krazy (as a kat); so he just gave up and joined the other Comix crazies this past Sunday at the Upper Arlington Library.

If you've got a free Sunday afternoon and want to spend some time talking comics, manga, publishing, networking and anything else under the sun (with regards to comics) and get in on doodling on one of the many Sunday Comix Jams we've got going on-- then give in to the urge, let go of your inhibitions (along with your sanity) and join us next month, March 16 at 2pm!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

More Than Just a Pretty Face

Our very own Cartoonist/Rock & Roller Matt Wyatt (of Columbus Power Squadron fame) drew up this killer poster (above) and his brother Mark wrote the "super wordy" press release (below) for the upcoming JESUS OF COOL reissue celebration at Carabar on this Friday night.

Mark Wyatt from Columbus Power Squadron here. So Walt Hodge of Cincinnati's fabled The Libertines (now forced to append the "US" in order not to offend the Brit junk monkeys who took the name long after they did) emails me to say that Yep Roc Records is reissuing Nick Lowe's JESUS OF COOL, formerly titled PURE POP FOR NOW PEOPLE in the States, and that they promise to promote any gigs around the country that celebrate this fact. Well, ordinarily I'm not all that inclined to boost the bottom line of a record company by methods other than, say, buying records they put out that I happen to like, but this thought intrigues me because (a) CPS is all about the cover tunes and (b) JESUS OF COOL is a super-fine record. Oh, and (c) Yep Roc doesn't expect the *whole* damn evening to be about the record. So, I say "sure", and then I start thinking who else besides CPS and the fabulous Libertines would work in this situation...and I immediately flash on Columbus' own The Exceptionals, who in a short span of time and on recent expansion to a trio have shown themselves worthy to be tenured professors of the pop music. The bill is complete, I talk Carabar's Ron Barker yet again into backing a concept bill that could crash and burn just as easily as it could totally rule, and off we go. Actually, forget I said anything about crash and burn, because not only are the three bands doing sets of mostly their own material, which already has been empirically proven to not suck, but they've also latched onto their two Nick Lowe covers with a glee that can only mean a good time will be inevitable. So there you have it.

Warning: Both CPS and The Exceptionals have promised to do one of Nick Lowe's handful of Bay City Rollers tribute songs, a meta-tribute that may well result in the irrevocable warping of the space-time continuum. And we think you'd rather be out having a good time when the universe folds in on itself rather than stuffing yourself with Sun Chips while watching that episode of Lost you taped the night before...


The Libertines:
Columbus Power Squadron:
The Exceptionals:

WHAT?! Nick Lowe JESUS OF COOL reissue celebration, with The Libertines US, Columbus Power Squadron, and The Exceptionals
WHEN?! Friday February 22, 10 PM
?! Carabar, 115 Parsons Ave., Columbus, OH (free admission)
?! Yep Roc Records' reissue of Nick Lowe's JESUS OF COOL
HOW'S COME?! Why not?!


Isn't Tom Williams just the dandiest artist? (I'm not even kidding.)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Local Coverage for an International Story (Reviewing the reviews)

After reading some snarky music reviews in one of my local weekly papers today, I flipped over to the film review section and read this headline: "Coming-of-age tale trumps French rats." OMG! After nearly two months, Persepolis is finally playing in Columbus! (What does Marjane Satrapi's graphic novel-turned-animated feature have to do with "French rats?" If you actually want an answer to that question, you'll have to hunt down your own copy of The Other Paper, because they don't post much online.)

Over in the Columbus Dispatch, film critic Frank Gabrenya starts out his review with a variation on the "Comics Aren't Just For Kids" shtick and goes on to basically just retell the story. A favorite quote: "Because Satrapi and her collaborator, Vincent Paronnaud, live in France, the voices all speak French, even in Iran and Austria." Yeah, now I wonder-- if the movie were made in England (where they speak English)... what language their voices would speak? (Oops! Some of the snarkiness from the first paragraph spilled over into the second one. My bad.)

And finally, Melissa Starker of the Columbus Alive actually had a brief interview with the author/artist as well as posting a short review of the film. So that was nice.

There are literally hundreds of other reviews & interviews and what-have-you about this wonderful film (well, I assume it's wonderful...) from all around the world. So, I won't blather on any longer about it here; I'll just go, buy my ticket and see it for myself while it's here in town.

Futuristic Robots & Fashionable Book Signings

Two Days with Two Posts regarding PANEL...

1) Actually, not so much PANEL as much as Dara Naraghi. His adaptation of Cory Doctorow's "I, Robot" (illustrated by Erich Owen) is now available at your local comic book shop. It's one of the short story's to be featured in IDW Publishing's Cory Doctorow's Futuristic Tales of the Here and Now. (Yeah... that title just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?).

2) Also, Dara will be signing copies of his new graphic novel Lifelike (also published by IDW) this Saturday (tomorrow!) from noon to 4 pm at the Waldenbooks at Polaris Fashion Place. (Hm. Being as there is interior artwork by other PANEL members Andy Bennett, Tom Williams, and Tim McClurg, I guess this post is not all about Dara...)

Thursday, February 14, 2008


a 2-day S.P.A.C.E. convention

deserves 2-day party


To celebrate the 2nd 2-day Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo, Columbus’ own Panel Creators' Collective is planning two days of parties for comic book exhibitors and attendees alike!

Friday, Feb. 29 – Monkey’s Retreat

Join in the fun: an art show and mixer at Monkey’s Retreat in ColumbusShort North Arts District. Monkey’s Retreat has been Columbus's best source of underground comix, art books, martial arts supplies and more since 1975 – a perfect match for SPACE. Panel shall provide a complimentary keg, but once that’s cashed there are several cool bars and clubs within walking distance.

Monkey’s Retreat
1202 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43201
8 – 11 p.m.

Google Your Map here.

Saturday, March 1 – Momo2

Panel is taking you back to Momo2 for this year’s SPACE party. Momo2 features bowling, billiards, karaoke, bubble tea and a fine collection of Asian gifts and novelties. Momo has easy access to highways and several restaurants and bars nearby.

2885 Olentangy River Rd
Columbus, OH 43202
8 p.m. - ???

Google Your Map here.

Panel is a Columbus-based group of writers and artists. It features several working comics professionals, It will debut its 12th bi-annual anthology at SPACE.

S.P.A.C.E., the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo, runs March 1-2 at the Aladdin Shrine Temple. It has been bringing dozens of the best regional and national small press comics creators to Central Ohio since the dawn of the 21st Century.

Monday, February 11, 2008

SPACE Panels Announced

We’re pleased to present the schedule of panel discussions, presentations and workshops that will be going on at the 9th Annual S.P.A.C.E. (Small Press & Alternative Comix Expo) on Sat & Sun, March 1-2:


12:30PM Howard E. Day Prize
Hosted by Dave Sim

Find out who among the nominees will go home with the coveted Day Prize, "the shortest awards ceremony in the industry."

2:00 PM
"The Comics Classroom -- From Kids to College to the Community" Panel
Hosted by
Carol Tyler
Join us for a lively discussion about teaching comics to kids and adults. Seasoned professionals
Bruce Chrislip, Mike Maydak and Bill Loebs will share their experiences as teachers of the sequential art form. Led by C. Tyler, Professor of Sequential and Graphic Narratives University of Cincinnati, DAAP School of Art


11:00PM On-line Comics panel discussion
Hosted by Ray Tomzcak

12:00 Noon Group Think: A method to develop story for artists and writers
Hosted by Jeff Zwirek
Jeff will lead participants through a unique workshop method for developing ideas with minds eye visualization and word association. Everyone is invited! Bring a pen and paper to develop material for your own comics or prose.

1:00 PM Antholo-geez! Anthology publishers vent
Hosted by Matt Dembicki
Mr. Dembicki (Attic Wit) will lead this discussion on what it takes to coordinate and publish a successful comic book anthology. Featuring Dara Naraghi (Panel), Steve Noppenberger (Potlatch Project), Allen Freeman (Slam Bang), Rafer Roberts (Plastic Farm), Mark Innes(Comics Eye), and Bob Corby (Oh,Comics!, Untitled)

2:00 PM SPACE Jam
Hosted by Steve Peters
Steve will perform songs from his Paradox soundtrack CD. He will explain how they fit together with his new comic, Runner's Paradox, which is the companion for the CD. Peters is the creator of Chemistry, a comic which also has a soundtrack CD and which won the 2006 Day Prize.
He will be joined on some songs by Jeff Tundis, bass player for the Jazz Bastards and moderator for the Cerebus Yahoo! group.

3:00 PM Amature Press Association Roundtable
Hosted by Ray Tomczak
If it weren't for APA organizations like The United Fanzine Organization (UFO), the Small Press Syndicate (SPS) the Small Press Association (SPA) and the like, S.P.A.C.E. would not exist. Find out why as Ray Tomczak (former co-chair of SPS) heads this roundtable of APA luminaries, J Kevin Carrier (SPS), Mike Carroll (SPS) and Ian Shires (SPA).

Komics @ Kerouac Video

Finally, I found the time to put together the mass of video I shot at the Komics @ Kerouac opening reception into something resembling a coherent whole. This should give you some idea what it was like:

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Upcoming Events at the Toonseum

I can't be on top of everything all the time...

Now on exhibition at ToonSeum,
at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, 10 Children’s Way, Pittsburgh, PA 15212

January 19th-February 28th:

Drawn in Black and White: Wee Pals and the Work of Morrie Turner.

Featuring original groundbreaking original art from the comic strip Wee Pals by Morrie Turner, “The Jackie Robinson of the Funny Pages.”

Also on display original art from Jump Start, Fat Albert, and others influenced by Morrie’s work.

Now, check this out:

February 16th--

Drawn in Black and White: A Celebration of African-American Cartoonist!

Featuring demonstrations, book signings, and workshops by Morrie Turner (Wee Pals) Robb Armstrong (Jump Start) and Don Peoples (Editorial Cartoonist and Freelance Illustrator).

Special panel discussion: African Americans in the Cartoon Arts at 3:00pm, reception honoring Morrie to follow. Exhibit is included with paid admission to the Children’s Museum; panel discussion is free. Museum admission is $9 for adults, $8 for seniors and children 2 to 18, and free for younger than 2. More info can be found here and at

and then, on the next day...

February 17th:

Presidential Toons with Rob Rogers (Editorial Cartoonist of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette) and Joe Wos, cartoonist in residence of the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh/ToonSeum. Join Joe and Rob for a special story about our national bird and gain unique insight into how an editorial cartoonist draws our presidents.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Sunday Comix Shows Its' Stuff

Sunday Comixers Ray Tomczak and M.A.D. put up a couple of nice posts about their involvement in our group's Komics @ Kerouac show. You can check out more photos from the opening party here. (Ray should be posting a video of his experiences soon.) Of course you can check out the entire exhibit in the flesh at Kafe Kerouac throughout the month of February.

Mr. Matt Wyatt and I attended the Laughs at Lakeside Gallery Opening on Sunday (we also have pieces on display-- that's one of Matt's pieces in the photo above). Although I attempted to take photos of just about everything and everyone, I managed to capture only a small portion of what happened. The exhibit is an experience itself. It is on display at the High Road Gallery until February 23rd. (The Sunday Comix Jam is still "in progress" and can be seen there, too!)

Rooting Out the Self-Publishers

World-famous artist/writer (and Columbus, Ohio resident) Jeff Smith describes the history of his involvement in the self-publishing movement on his Boneville log...
It’s been pointed out in numerous places that Dave Sim, Terry Moore, and I are all returning to our self-publishing roots with new comic book series - - all within weeks of each other. But what exactly are those self-publishing roots?
Find out just what those roots are on his blog. And check back there regularly as he's going to have guest blogs from people who were there,

like Colleen Doran, Larry Marder, Paul Pope, Terry Moore, Charles Brownstein, and others. I am currently extending invitations to newer indie cartoonists and professionals working now in the current era of web comics, indie comics, and graphic novels.
So, if your an indie creator and feel inclined to share your story, visit Boneville today!

Evolution of the Graphic Novel

I read this in the February edition of the Short North Gazette.

For its February meeting, The Aldus Society will present a special Valentine's Day treat with a program devoted to the origins and evolution of the graphic novel. This pre­sentation will be by Dr. Jared Gardner, Associate Professor of English and Film at The Ohio State University's College of Humanities. All lovers of books and the printed arts are invited to this monthly meeting on Thurs., Feb. 14. The event is free and open to the public. Begins at 7:30 p.m. (socializing starts at 7) in the Thurber Center, 91 Jefferson Ave. Call 614-864­9794 or visit

Friday, February 1, 2008

Settin' Up

I got some photos of Matt Wyatt, Ray Tomczak & Molly Durst (and one of me) when we set up for the Komics @ Kerouac show last night. There will be plenty more photos (and video) to come.