C-Bus Comixers

The city of Columbus is filthy rich with people who live for and love making comics. Whether they do it as way to unwind from a long day at work or they earn a steady paycheck from putting words and pictures together, Central Ohio has a wealth of people who know what's what when it comes to panels, balloons and gutters (oh my!).

Here's a list of the creators that we know about...If you're not here and you want to be, email mail(dot)max(dot)ink(at)gmail(dot)com

Leslie Anderson
Jarod Anderson

Todd Beistel
Andy Bennett
Craig Bogart
Steve Boreman

Mat Calvert
Brian Canini
Jeff Carlisle
Michael Anthony Carroll
Colleen Clark
Tony Cochran
Bob Corby

Victor Dandridge Jr.
Julian Dassai
Millard Draudt
Molly Durst

Terry Eisele
Ken Eppstein
Mike Eshelman

Sean Forney

Tony Goins

Steve Hamaker
Jon Harvey
Alex Heberling
Taylor Hicks
Heather Hively
Travis Horseman

Max Ink
Lora Innes

Joel Jackson

Brian Kane
Canada Keck
Matt Kish

Dorian Lafferre
Evette Langford

Tim McClurg
Chris Monday
James Moore
Melody Moore

Dara Naraghi
Michael R. Neno

Maryanne Papke
Andrew Peña

Jonathon Riddle

Jeff Smith
Lee Smith
J.L. Smither
Chris Sprouse
Bob Ray Starker
John Steventon
KT Swartz

Evan Thomas
Ray Tomczak

Katie Valeska
Liz Valasco

Tom Williams
Katherine Wirick
Matt Wyatt

If you live in the Central Ohio region and you make comics but you're not on this list, 
please contact us so that you can put us in the right.