Saturday, November 24, 2007

Total Mid-Ohio-Con Coverage

I recently discovered the fantastic Comics Related news & reviews website and they have a phenomenal amount of coverage already of this year's Mid-Ohio-Con. Chuck Moore will be posting updates with a steady flow of photos and commentary all throughout the weekend up until Monday morning.

I know of a few Sunday Comixers
who are going to be at the show: Sean Forney will have a table, Molly Durst and Kel Crumb will be attending the show, Michael Neno, Ray Tomczak and Mike Lucas might be there... oh-- and me, Max Ink. I'll be set up with a table selling copies of my comic, Blink.

So if you're going to be there at the show, have a good time and say hello. If you're not there, then read Mr. Moore's coverage and see what you're missing (and make plans to show up next year!)

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MAD said...

Hope you had a good time guys, it was a great show! :)