Thursday, May 22, 2008

"All Men Are Not Created Evil"

In October of this year, a few weeks after the Mid-Ohio-Con but just before Halloween, a new animated film will be released, Igor. It's a humorous take on the fictional character Igor. The cast includes John Cusack, Sean Hayes, Steve Buscemi, John Cleese, Eddie Izzard, Paul Vogt, and Molly Shannon. The plot revolves around Igor (voiced by Cusack) and his dreams of winning first place at the annual Evil Science Fair.

What does this have to do with comics?

One of our (many) local comics creators, Dara Naraghi, has written some all-original stories in a prequel series to this The Weinstein Company film and is being published by IDW. Art on the comic series is by the talented Grant Bond, of Archibald Saves Christmas, and Clockwork Girl fame. The book is available now, so go out and support your local creators and get a little behind the scenes look at this year's best Halloween animated flick!

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