Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Autumn Cons

The San Diego Comic-Con is seen as the premiere comic book convention. Well, sure-- for the Summer comic book conventions. But here in the east side of the Mid West, the Mid-Ohio-Con is the "must-attend"reigning champ of and Autumn comic book conventions. This year, it's moved from its usual late November Thanksgiving weekend to an early October (4 & 5) show date. This year's guest list is building up to an impressive one. (The recent addition of Chris Claremont is quite a coup.)

Here in Ohio and beyond, there are a few other conventions that are deserving of your attention: Canton Comic & Sci-Fi Convention (Sept 14), INDYFEST (Sept 21), Screaming Tiki Con (Oct 17-19), Toledo Comic & Sci-Fi Convention, (Nov 16) and the XCape Con (Nov 22-23).

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Josh Blair said...

These are a bit of drive from Ohio, but other fall cons include Ithacon and the Syracuse Heroes Expo.