Monday, October 17, 2011

WANTED: NIX #4 Cover Art

Ken Eppstein, the head honcho over at our friendly neighborhood NIX Comics, is looking for a few good artists.  Well, actually, he's looking for ONE good artist, but never mind that right now. Ken is prepping for the fourth issue of NIX Comics Quarterly and is in search of a cover artist.  As he writes on the NIX website, "it will require someone with a decent feel for the rock music/horror comic crossover material that is the bread 'n' butter of Nix Comics Quarterly."    The artist that gets the gig will receive $300 for the cover art upon completion, plus 12 contributor copies of the book after printing is complete.  The initial print run will be 2500 books.  "If we are lucky enough to go into a second print, we'll negotiate a second deal for use of your art."

All the details and such can be found at the NIX Comics website

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