Friday, December 7, 2007

Sunday Comix Forums: Open and Available

The fine folks (Okay, it's not so much "folks" as it is "fella;" as in Chuck Moore is a fine fella.) over at Comics Related have (has) been kind enough to host the official Sunday Comix Forums. Just as this blogspot site allows members of the group to announce and post Sunday Comix (and other related) goings on to the public-at-large, the forum pages enable anyone to join in the conversation (Sequentially Speaking, so to speak).

The Comics Related forums have a wide array of easy-to-use features (email notifications, friends lists, virtual directories, even a notepad) and they're personally monitored to keep `em spam-free. To be able to use all the features, registration is required-- it's free and only takes a moment to complete.

So register today and let's get the conversation going!

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