Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sunday Comix Joins The Conspiracy

What is this? Why would Sunday Comix (and by default, all its members) want to join The International Cartoonist Conspiracy?

The most fundamental goal of The Conspiracy coincides with that of Sunday Comix: to meet, interact and collaborate with fellow amateur and professional cartoonists on whatever comic related projects the members choose to pursue.

The Conspiracy has a wide and diverse membership of cartoonists from around the world, with active cells in Minneapolis, San Francisco,
Philadelphia and Montreal. Most (if not all) the groups follow the same basic structure as our group-- share our work, get feedback and pump out Comix Jams. Speaking of Jams, there's a great, informative site (The Monthly Montreal Comix Jam) with a boatload of info on Comix Jams:

Now that Sunday Comix is an official member of the Conspiracy
, the reach of our Mighty Mid West Comix community continues to grow...

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