Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Begging Your Pardon, But...


Welcome to the Sunday Comix Blog. This is a companion site to the Sunday Comix ComicSpace and the Sunday Comix Yahoo Group sites.

This is a team blog, where you can read about local creator news, find helpful how-to articles, see work created by the group, find links to individual members sites and personal blogs and soon we hope to add a Sunday Comix Calendar page where you can find
listings of local group and general comic-related events.

The Sunday Comix Group provides a forum for artists and writers of all formats and genres of sequential art (comic books, strips, graphic novels, manga, cartoons, etc.) to share their work-in-progress and receive constructive critiques from other creators. The group is open to all and meets one Sunday afternoon a month at the Upper Arlington Library in Columbus, Ohio.

Sunday Comix is hosted by Sequentially Speaking, which is an ongoing and evolving not-for-profit organization that seeks to encourage dialog about sequential art in the community through hosting gallery shows, symposiums and workshops for the artists and writers of this unique literary medium.

This site would not exist if it weren't for:
~Max Ink Executive Director


MAD said...

Nice Max, thanks for getting this ball a' rolling!!

Max Ink said...


Thank you for being so involved in the group-- it really helps to keep me going.