Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sunday Comix' Gallery Debut

Recently, as you might know, we of the Sunday Comix group made our first halting foray into the world of "fine arts" by putting on a gallery show at the Gallery Upstairs above the Surly Girl Saloon the night of the Short North September Gallery Hop (September 1). Even though it wasn't something I ever would have sought out for myself, as I don't really think of myself as an "artist" (there's probably a whole post in that alone), I participated at great personal sacrifice (meaning that I had to put off my monthly poker game for a week) and I'm glad I did, and not just because I somehow managed to con two naive fools into purchasing one of my pieces.

Anyway, I was packing a miniature camera that night and took a few pics which I turnend into the video that follows. I have to apologize to Jennifer for the quality of the pic of her. I assure you that she is not that blurry in real life (whatever that is). I actually think that the weird negative effect caused by the bad lighting kind of works for the shot of John Miller, however.

Our next show will be in December. I'm sure details will be posted here and/or elsewhere as the thing gets nearer.


Max Ink said...

Thanks for posting this, Ray. It's nice to have a document of our attempts to bridge the "fine art" divide.

The Diletante said...

That was great, Ray!!

Bud said...

That show looks like it was a lot of fun (and work!) Good job with the video too. Cool!

-Bud Burgy, Mpls Conspirator

Max Ink said...

The camera (and video) work was all thanks to our very own Ray "!!" Tomczak.