Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Can You Hear An Echo in Space?

In honor of promoting the "Trifecta of Self-Publishing 2008," I am posting the following announcement:

Terry Moore's ECHO #1 will debut on March 5th (with a silver foil cover!). The books will hit the shelves in comic shops all around the country three days after S.P.A.C.E. wraps up (where you can meet Dave Sim) and a little over two months before Terry comes to Columbus (on May 15) to help celebrate Jeff Smith's BONE exhibit at the Wex Center.

“Echo” is the story of a young photographer named Julie Martin. “Julie becomes the unwilling host to a symbiotic nuclear weapon," so says Terry in a recent interview with Comic Book Resource's Emmett Furey. Echo is quite a different story from SiP, but so it is with the rest of the ToSP 2008.

What is the Trifecta of Self-Publishing 2008, anyway? Terry Moore, Jeff Smith and Dave Sim are three of the "deities" of the 1990s self-publishing boom. They have all finished up their respective award winning, critically acclaimed ongoing comic book series (Strangers In Paradise, Bone and Cerebus). By coincidence, this year they are all returning to self-publishing with new comic book series: Echo, RASL, and Glamourpuss. If that ain't a trifecta, I don't know what is.

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