Thursday, February 28, 2008

Over at James Kolchalka's American Elf Supersite, he posted this drawing his four-year-old son Eli did of Jeff Smith's Fone Bone.

James shares a cute behind-the-scenes story starring Mr. Smith and Bone colorist Steve Hamaker (who will be at SPACE this weekend):

The other night I was reading the second volume of Jeff Smith’s BONE series as a bedtime story to my son Eli (age 4). Eli decided that he wanted to do a drawing of Bone and send it to Jeff. It was pretty late at this point, maybe 9:00 at night so he was deliriously sleepy, and he was trying really hard to copy one of the drawings from the book exactly. He worked really hard on it and kept messing up until he was practically in tears. Finally, he did a version which he decided was successful.

So I emailed the drawing to Jeff and also to Steve Hamaker who colors the Bone series for Jeff. Steve very graciously colored Eli’s Bone drawing in his signature style and emailed it back. It’s pretty incredible to see Eli’s little drawing with colors beautifully rendered by a true professional.

Steve has got to be the nicest colorist in comics. What a champ to do this for my little boy!

Also, Jeff Smith was interviewed by New York Magazine, talking about Bone, RASL and Drew Barrymore.

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