Monday, February 18, 2008

Random Winks

In less than two weeks, there will be lots and lots of geeky guy cartoonists descending on Columbus (Yikes! What a messy mental image that is!) with hundreds of kick-ass cool comics to sell you; but here are a couple of local gals' books you need to check out when you stop by the Sunday Comix table on March 1 & 2.

The first is "Random Goodness" by Andrea McEnaney (creator of The Adventures of Chad Cleanly), featuring some of her best single panel gag comics. This great book of semi-absurdist humor can be yours for a measly $2.

The other book you need to keep your eye on is "Wink! Wink!" a short story by Symphony of the Universe artist & writer M.A.D. It's a very different sort of story from her usual fare, but amusing and well worth you time and attention. "Wink! Wink!" is part of the newest PANEL anthology.

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Sam said...

I love the color on Molly's drawing!