Monday, February 4, 2008

Rooting Out the Self-Publishers

World-famous artist/writer (and Columbus, Ohio resident) Jeff Smith describes the history of his involvement in the self-publishing movement on his Boneville log...
It’s been pointed out in numerous places that Dave Sim, Terry Moore, and I are all returning to our self-publishing roots with new comic book series - - all within weeks of each other. But what exactly are those self-publishing roots?
Find out just what those roots are on his blog. And check back there regularly as he's going to have guest blogs from people who were there,

like Colleen Doran, Larry Marder, Paul Pope, Terry Moore, Charles Brownstein, and others. I am currently extending invitations to newer indie cartoonists and professionals working now in the current era of web comics, indie comics, and graphic novels.
So, if your an indie creator and feel inclined to share your story, visit Boneville today!

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