Sunday, February 17, 2008

More Than Just a Pretty Face

Our very own Cartoonist/Rock & Roller Matt Wyatt (of Columbus Power Squadron fame) drew up this killer poster (above) and his brother Mark wrote the "super wordy" press release (below) for the upcoming JESUS OF COOL reissue celebration at Carabar on this Friday night.

Mark Wyatt from Columbus Power Squadron here. So Walt Hodge of Cincinnati's fabled The Libertines (now forced to append the "US" in order not to offend the Brit junk monkeys who took the name long after they did) emails me to say that Yep Roc Records is reissuing Nick Lowe's JESUS OF COOL, formerly titled PURE POP FOR NOW PEOPLE in the States, and that they promise to promote any gigs around the country that celebrate this fact. Well, ordinarily I'm not all that inclined to boost the bottom line of a record company by methods other than, say, buying records they put out that I happen to like, but this thought intrigues me because (a) CPS is all about the cover tunes and (b) JESUS OF COOL is a super-fine record. Oh, and (c) Yep Roc doesn't expect the *whole* damn evening to be about the record. So, I say "sure", and then I start thinking who else besides CPS and the fabulous Libertines would work in this situation...and I immediately flash on Columbus' own The Exceptionals, who in a short span of time and on recent expansion to a trio have shown themselves worthy to be tenured professors of the pop music. The bill is complete, I talk Carabar's Ron Barker yet again into backing a concept bill that could crash and burn just as easily as it could totally rule, and off we go. Actually, forget I said anything about crash and burn, because not only are the three bands doing sets of mostly their own material, which already has been empirically proven to not suck, but they've also latched onto their two Nick Lowe covers with a glee that can only mean a good time will be inevitable. So there you have it.

Warning: Both CPS and The Exceptionals have promised to do one of Nick Lowe's handful of Bay City Rollers tribute songs, a meta-tribute that may well result in the irrevocable warping of the space-time continuum. And we think you'd rather be out having a good time when the universe folds in on itself rather than stuffing yourself with Sun Chips while watching that episode of Lost you taped the night before...


The Libertines:
Columbus Power Squadron:
The Exceptionals:

WHAT?! Nick Lowe JESUS OF COOL reissue celebration, with The Libertines US, Columbus Power Squadron, and The Exceptionals
WHEN?! Friday February 22, 10 PM
?! Carabar, 115 Parsons Ave., Columbus, OH (free admission)
?! Yep Roc Records' reissue of Nick Lowe's JESUS OF COOL
HOW'S COME?! Why not?!

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