Friday, February 15, 2008

Local Coverage for an International Story (Reviewing the reviews)

After reading some snarky music reviews in one of my local weekly papers today, I flipped over to the film review section and read this headline: "Coming-of-age tale trumps French rats." OMG! After nearly two months, Persepolis is finally playing in Columbus! (What does Marjane Satrapi's graphic novel-turned-animated feature have to do with "French rats?" If you actually want an answer to that question, you'll have to hunt down your own copy of The Other Paper, because they don't post much online.)

Over in the Columbus Dispatch, film critic Frank Gabrenya starts out his review with a variation on the "Comics Aren't Just For Kids" shtick and goes on to basically just retell the story. A favorite quote: "Because Satrapi and her collaborator, Vincent Paronnaud, live in France, the voices all speak French, even in Iran and Austria." Yeah, now I wonder-- if the movie were made in England (where they speak English)... what language their voices would speak? (Oops! Some of the snarkiness from the first paragraph spilled over into the second one. My bad.)

And finally, Melissa Starker of the Columbus Alive actually had a brief interview with the author/artist as well as posting a short review of the film. So that was nice.

There are literally hundreds of other reviews & interviews and what-have-you about this wonderful film (well, I assume it's wonderful...) from all around the world. So, I won't blather on any longer about it here; I'll just go, buy my ticket and see it for myself while it's here in town.

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