Tuesday, October 7, 2008

24 Hour Comic Day begins October 18

Columbus' Laughing Ogre comics shop (located at 4258 North High Street) is the official Central Ohio host site for this year's 24 Hour Comic Day (24HCD). (There are dozens of host sites around the world!) The event will kick off at 12 noon on Saturday, October 18 and go until 12 noon on Sunday, October 19. The store will be open for the entire 24 Hour period.

Anyone who wants to come and participate may do so. (And if you're just curious about what goes into making a comic book, here's a prime opportunity to see artists in action!) If you're interested in spending 24 hours writing and drawing a 24 page comic book, email Norah Curry (norah@laughingogrecomics.com) ahead of time so that she can make sure the store has enough of everything. The Ogre will be providing some art supplies (thought not enough for everyone to do an entire 24 page comic), a place to work, refreshments, a place to rest and the glorious entertainment provided by their dedicated staff.

(While the Ogre is not one to stifle anyone's creativity or freedom of expression, they'd like to remind everyone that they're a family friendly store. So, if you think your mom would freak out about what you are producing you might want to rethink it.)

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, ideas, please feel free to send Norah an email. Let her know you're in Columbus (since they also have another participating Laughing Ogre shop in Fairfax, VA).

*If this is your first time participating (or if you just want to get to know more about 24HCD), check out Scott McCloud's wonderful (and in-depth) "24-Hour Clock." There, you can read the official Dare, see Scott's first 24 Hour comic, "A Day's Work," which he wrote and drew on August 31, 1990, and see a huge list of 24 Hour Comics.

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