Sunday, October 5, 2008

Jeff Stahler at PM Gallery

Friday night, I was on my way to the pre-Mid-Ohio Con party at Barley's. (No offense meant to Panel, the party's sponsor, but it wasn't quite as good as the GOGs of old. GOG being the Great Ogre Gathering, the pre-con parties put on at the Laughing Ogre comic book shop by its former owners. At least one year, I skipped the con, but made sure to make the party.) Before I left home, I discovered an ad in Columbus Alive! touting an opportunity to meet Jeff Stahler. Jeff is the editorial cartoonist for the Columbus Dispatch and was at the PM Gallery that night signing copies of 21st Century Confusion: A Moderately Confused Collection, the latest collection of his syndicated panel daily comic Moderately Confused and kicking off an exhibition of several MC originals, which, if you've got $200 burning a hole in your pocket, you can purchase.

The exhibit consists mostly of cartoons that were part of a caption contest sponsored by the Dispatch and include the winning reader submitted punchline. A few panels with Stahler's punchlines are included as well, and those ones also appear in the book.

I picked up a copy of the book, complete with Stahler's autograph, and handed him in return a copy of my own Wasted Paper, collecting the first year of my web-comic Wasted Potential.

The Stahler exhibit at PM Gallery is slated to run through October 30.

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